A quick overview of chicken ordinances:

Madison, Wisconsin


type chickens in the search box, then click on the Zoning Code, you want Sec. 28.08(2)(b)8.j. [page 118/319]

  • 4 chickens
  • no roosters
  • no slaughter
  • 25 ft from any residential structure on an adjacent lot
  • obtain license and notify all residents within 200 ft of lot
  • If 50% or less of residents so notified object within 14 days of notification

 Kansas City, MO


Capter 14 Animals, Sec. 14-15. Keeping of small animals and fowl in pens.

  • 100 ft from nearest bldg, except owner
  • 25 ft from prop line
  • 15 chickens >4 months
  • 50 chicks <4 months

 Springfield, MO


Chapter 18 Animals, Sec. 18-24. Keeping of fowl.

  • 12 square ft per bird

New York City, NY

  • considered pets under health code
  • unlimited # of hens
  • no roosters
  • area must be kept clean otherwise neighbors report

Good unofficial list of chicken laws:


[check out the youtube link at the top!]—as you can see the regulations vary widely and some that profess to allow urban hens have such stringent or ridiculous laws that it is actually impossible to do it inside the city limits legally, such as the 100, 200, or even 300 ft from property lines or residential buildings.


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