1. The Chicken Whisperer talks about backyard flocks
  2. A collection of pictures of Madison, WI’s coops from the 2009 Coop Tour
  3. An explanation of a coop’s features: Youtube webpage
  4. Article “Can charring chicken poop save the planet?”
  5. A very thorough compendium of homeopathic layer health care
  6. MSNBC on Portland’s urban hens
  7. LA passes law allowing 1 rooster per property (I think the previous law allowed more than one)
  8. New Haven, CT, Sep 9th, 2009 allows urban hens
  9. The New Yorker, Sep 28th, 2009 Susan Orlean writes on urban chickens
  10. Associate Press, October, 2nd, 2009 Bozeman, MT gets urban hens
  11. USA Today, November 9th, 2009  National urban hen movement
  12. Over 800 backyard chicken videos on YouTube
  13. Live camera

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