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Urban hens will be the discussion topic for KBIA’s program Intersection on Feb 15th

Watch it live from noon to 1pm here and then by clickng on the link provided.

How exciting!


Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard for so long to make urban hens a reality in Columbia, MO!

Also  a great big THANK YOU to Darwin Hindman, Paul Sturtz, Karl Skala, and Barbara Hoppe for voting yes last night!

This is a gentle step towards food safety and sustainability.  Plus it’s great fun!

The first Introduction to Urban Hen workshop will be held at 7pm, Feb 17th at 214 St. Joseph.  More details to follow.

It’s finally here! 
At the February 1st city council meeting, there will be a public comment session and then council members will vote on the urban hen ordinance. 
Council meetings start at 7pm however, the hen ordinance may not be on the agenda that early.  I will be updating this site with a more accurate time after the agenda is published on Friday Jan 29th. 
If you wish to speak we will be holding an informal gathering in the lobby prior to going up to the Council Chamber.  If you do not attend the gathering please listen to the comments that come before you so that you do not repeat what others have said.
We need to have lots and lots of people attend this meeting to show broad support for hens in Columbia.  Even if you do not want to speak to council or you do not want hens yourself but feel that others should have the right, we still need you to attend.  Please take an hour or two of your time to help us bring hens to Columbia, MO!  Please be aware that demonstrations (clapping, booing, etc) are not allowed during council meetings.
Whether you plan to attend or not please, please, please contact your council person! (if you are uncertain who yours is go here) :
(Remember, when contacting city officials, please be considerate.  Theirs is not always an easy job, but they truly want to represent your interests.)
Ward 1 Paul Sturtz, paulsturtz1@gmail.com
Ward 2 Jason Thornhill, ward2@GoColumbiaMo.com
Ward 3 Karl Skala, ward3@GoColumbiaMo.com
Ward 4 Jerry Wade, ward4@GoColumbiaMo.com
Ward 5 Laura Nauser, ward5@GoColumbiaMo.com
Ward 6 Barbara Hoppe, ward6@GoColumbiaMo.com
I will keep this site and facebook updated with new information as it comes available:
Facebook page

Scott Wilson from Wilson Street on CAT tv presents a video on the Columbia, MO Urban Hen Initiative broken up into 5 YouTube videos:


I hope to see lots of you there!
-Mary Stilwell  (mary.ellen.stilwell@gmail.com)

Put it on your calendar:  February 1st, 2010

We need to have as many people attend the meeting at possible.  I’ll update an expected time as we get closer to the date.  It’s possible that the issue could get tabled until a later date, but we’ll hope not.

Tonight city council will discuss whether to put the urban hen ordinance on the agenda for next month!!!!!!!!!

Hope, pray, whatever you do that it gets voted to the agenda.  We could get a debate/vote by the second meeting in January.


Great things are happening!

First off, great thanks to Daniel K. for collecting over 100 signatures at Clovers!

Secondly, urban hens made it before city council!

Third, Jason is not staunchly opposed to urban hens anymore!

And lastly, new KOMU articles came out this morning and afternoon.  See our page; Media Response.

Scott Wilson (videographer for CAT tv) has finished cutting the video he shot of Columbia urban hens and the initiative and delivered it to me!  Now we need to watch it and approve it, then he’ll add music.  

We’ll have our very own Columbia Urban Hen Initiative video

A shorter (3-5 min) video will go up on YouTube and then sometime in the indeterminate future it will (hopefully) make it into the CAT tv schedule.

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